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Lobelia cardinalis 'Mini' Tropica 1-2 grow cups

Lobelia cardinalis 'Mini' Tropica 1-2 grow cups

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Plant info

Type: Stem
Origin: North America
Growth rate: Medium
Height: 3 - 15+
Light demand: Low
CO2 : Low

History and origins 

Lobelia cardinalis ‘Mini’ is a beautiful bright green stem plant that came about via a mutation from the classic Lobelia cardinalis. This new variety has much smaller leaves that grow more compact giving the plant its ‘Mini’ designation.

Plant overview

Lobelia cardinalis ‘Mini’ is an Easy category stem plant that’s supplied in Tropica’s lab grown 1-2-Grow! Cups. It doesn’t need CO2 injection and will grow with low light conditions making it suitable for beginners for all aquarium sizes including popular kit aquariums.

Preparing 1-2-Grow cup

1.    Peel off the lid from the 1-2-Grow cup.

2.    Carefully remove plants from the cup.

3.    Place the plants into a bowl of water and wash off the growth media.

4.    Divide the stems into as many portions as necessary.

5.    Plant the stems into the soil with aquascaping tweezers.


Where to use the plant

With its low and compact growth Lobelia cardinalis ‘Mini’ is a great plant for the foreground of most size aquariums. The bright green leaves add an impactful contrast to any darker green or red adjacent plants, or hardscape material. It looks most effective when planted in larger groups where it can be trimmed into a desirable shape.

Maintaining the plant

Lobelia cardinalis ‘Mini’ grows new side shoots without trimming so can quickly form attractive bushes under the right lighting and nutrient conditions. It responds very well to frequent trimming and off-cuts can be replanted in order to propagate the plant. Pinching off excessive growth with fingertips is also an option. Always discard of any plant cuttings responsibly in order to prevent invasive aquatic plant growth in natural habitats. Feed the plant regularly with a good quality liquid fertiliser like Tropica Premium or Specialised Nutrition.



Lobelia cardinalis ‘Mini’ is a great plant ideal for all levels hobbyist, aquarium size and conditions. With its beautiful round bright green leaves and compact bushy growth we are sure you can find a place in your aquarium for this wonderful plant.


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