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Cichlid Aquariums Muskoka

Striped Raphael catfish (Platydoras armatulus)

Striped Raphael catfish (Platydoras armatulus)

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The Striped Raphael Catfish, available at Cichlid Aquariums Muskoka, is a unique and captivating addition to any aquarium. This freshwater species is known for its striking black and white stripes, which create a mesmerizing pattern across its body.

Native to South America, the Striped Raphael Catfish is a hardy species that can adapt to a variety of water conditions. It is a peaceful fish, making it an excellent choice for community tanks. This catfish is also nocturnal, adding an element of intrigue to your aquarium during the night.

With its distinctive appearance and interesting behavior, the Striped Raphael Catfish is sure to be a standout in any aquarium collection.

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